Moonlight Ski League 2019

Join the Moonlight Ski League for the 2019 race Season

Recreational racing series at Blue Knob Resort

Register by Jan. 30 to receive the discounted price. Starting Jan. 31, registration price increases from $15 to $30.

Race dates are Feb. 5, 12. 19, and 26 at 7 p.m., weather permitting

Makeup date of March 5, if needed

Downhill skiers, telemark skiers & snowboarders welcome

* Teams can have up to 10 members.

* NASTSR team scoring will be used

* Top five scores for each team will count, but one score cannot be a male alpine skier. That score must be a female alpine skier, a male or female snowboarder or a male or female telemark skier.

* Either pick your team or sign up as an individual and be placed on a team. Skiers and boarders of all ability levels are welcome.

* Members of the Blue Knob Junior Race team can participate, but they will not be competing for team honors.

* If a team does not tear down during their designed week, scores will count as a DNF.

Cost of participating

Once again, we are offering a $15 discount off the prices below for registrations with payments received by Jan. 30. Advance registrations helps ensure we can get things entered in the computer to try to avoid delays with the first race.



Moonlight Ski League

Adult recreational racing series
  • In case we need to contact you on Tuesdays about changes
  • If you have a team, insert name. If not, leave blank.
  • THIS DOCUMENT IS A RELEASE, INDEMNITY AGREEMENT AND ASSUMPTION OF THE RISK BY ME ON BEHALF OF MYSELF IN ORDER TO PERMIT ME TO ENGAGE IN THE ABOVE DESCRIBED SKI RACE OR WINTER EVENT. I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE MEDICAL INSURANCE. I, the person designated above, acknowledge that there are inherent dangers and risks of SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR DEATH involved in this undertaking. Having inspected the area involved in this event, and understanding same, I fully assume any and all risks of personal injury associated with participation including the conduct of all members of Westerm Pennsylvania Ski Council, all member clubs, Allegheny Ski & Sports Club Inc., Moonlight Ski League and its volunteers and participants, individual club members, event sponsors, the ski area, and its agents, servants and employees, all of whom are hereinafter referred to as the identified parties. This is a complete and total release of any and all claims that could be raised against any and all of the above identified parties arising out of participation in the Moonlight Ski League and the WPSC Mountain Challenge. I acknowledge that I am waiving any and all claims that I, and my heirs and assigns may have. I understand that the inherent risks associated with participation in this event include but are not limited to falls, collisions, and other occurrences that can cause SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR DEATH as a result of my own negligence, conduct, inexperience, or that of others, as well as, all other numerous foreseeable and unforeseeable causes. I agree to accept the risk of SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY AND/OR DEATH to me, and to waive any and all claims which may arise as a result thereof. I further agree to indemnify and hold all identified parties harmless. I agree to be responsible for all costs, fees and/or other expenses incurred by the identified parties in the event that I or others acting on my behalf or my estate bring a claim or suit that I have agreed herein to release and/or waive. I acknowledge that the terms and provisions of this release shall be binding upon me, my family, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns and shall be governed under the laws of the State in which the described event took place. I further agree that all disputes arising under the terms of this release shall be litigated in the county in which the described event took place. BY SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT BY CLICKING AGREE, I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I HAVE READ AND FULLY UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THE TERMS AND PROVISIONS, CONTAINED HERIN AND SET FORTH ABOVE.
  • Price: $30.00
  • $0.00

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